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Emma was a four-month-old yellow lab who looked like an angel and behaved like a demon. She was causing mayhem at home and my husband (not one of the world's great dog lovers) thought she should go.  Desperate days!

Then along came Neil. His wonderfully calming presence had Emma sitting quietly in her bed in the kitchen with the baby-gate open while we had a civilised conversation in the sitting room. Magic! But while I believed in Neil's magic, I doubted he could impart any of it to me … I was wrong.

Neil is the most patient but persistent teacher I have ever met. He has given me the confidence to cope with the inevitable 'incidents' owning a happy, bouncy, exuberant lab can produce by teaching techniques to practise each to we go out. Without Neil, I'm sure Emma would have been very reluctantly 'returned to sender' instead of the wonderful source of fun and pure joy that she is. Thank you so much Neil!

Pauline, Eastbourne 

 I thought I had tamed my rescue husky Willow quite well, her main issue was behaviour around horses.  Whenever she sensed one she was like a crocodile in a death roll trying to get to play with them.  I called in Neil and within five minutes was completely confident in his abilities.  He left us with some rules and boundaries to help.  On his return visit we went out to deliberately find horses and he showed me how to keep her calm.  This gave me confidence and after just three weeks of meeting Neil we took her to the Bexhill Horse Show - unbelievable! 

Neil has a fabulous job and he does it with great love, determination and diplomacy.  I would not hesitate to call him and the knowledge that he is there for ongoing support is reassuring.

Carol Walton, Bexhill-on-Sea 

From our first conversation Neil began to put our minds at rest and not only advised us how to stop the barking but explained exactly why our dachshund was doing it.Neil taught us the importance of being consistent and using positive reinforcement, he told us by taking control and showing leadership our dachshund would become a confident and contented puppy . . . . he was right ! Thank you Neil ".

Alex  Allcorn, Eastbourne 

I contacted Neil for his expert advice and help with my 10 month old springer George, we had 2 visits from Neil and many things became apparent, over-feeding being one of our problems.We walked George on a long lead for 3-4 weeks calling him back playing with his "going out ball", we decided to let him off of the lead and to this day his recall etc is very good...many thanks Neil for all your help

 Sue Atkins, Redhill 

That Neil knows his stuff is beyond doubt. It’s obvious right from his first meeting with your dog. But unlike many trainers, he also understands people. That and his generous back-up support make his training not just effective but excellent value for money.

Rob Ashton, Brighton 

Harvey immediately responded well to Neil's calm, assertive leadership which showed us just what Harvey was capable of.  Neil has always focused on coaching us to be cabable dog handlers so that we can fully enjoy Harvey's energy and exuberance and he can be a really happy dog. 

It is a fantastic thing to see someone who has truly found their vocation in life, and Neil certainly has.  We are very grateful to him for his coaching and encouragement and have already recommended him on to others we know. 

Sue and Dave Wolff, Lewes, East Sussex.

'Hello my name is Frankie and I would like to say a huge thank you to Neil for helping my owners help me.  He was recommended to us and we had 3 visits training my owners how they can best look after me.  He was always patient with all of us and didn’t mind how often they contacted him for support and advice.  He taught my owners strategies to use and we practiced these in between visits.  I leave my food until instructed; I wait at the bottom of the steps before being invited in to the house.  I love my owners and I think they really enjoy my companionship....thank you Neil for EVERYTHING. Lots of love and licks Frankiefrom St Leonards'

'With Neil's advice and on going support and our work and patience, Hedley is now a much calmer and better behaved dog who is much happier as he knows his boundaries and what we expect.  Both my husband and I are so glad we met Neil and we can now look forward to years of owning a happy dog'

Julie & Terry , Cuckfield

'Neil was our third and final attempt to sort out our dogs issues, thank goodness his techniques work! Neil is extremely patient and also very positive and encouraging.  He sucessfully managed to train us to train our dog!  His follow up advice has also been invaluable and has kept us all going'

Nula & Martin from Brighton

'A big thank you to Neil, for helping me train my much loved Lucy and Josh when he became a demanding teenager, and now we look forward to Neil helping us train Sophie who joins our family soon.We were the ones who needed training, we could not have done any of this without Neil and his expert advice to re thing how we think and act in front of our dogs'

Rod & Angela from Staplecross

'We can not thank Neil enough as without him Basil's story would of been very different. 

Thank you Neil we couldn't of done it without you. ' 

Becky from Eastbourne

'Eastbourne’s answer to the dog whisperer!! '

Richard and Diane Hughes of Eastbourne 

"With Neil's help, advice, encouragement and, above all, patience, Callie is becoming a much more manageable and obedient dog. Neil has given us the confidence to control Callie in a way we once did not think would ever be possible!"  Linda & Richard Lee, St Leonards

'The techniques that Neil demonstrated to us have been very beneficial in training both us and the dog.

We have been very impressed with Neils knowledge and expertise and his professional manner'

Mrs & Mrs Sanson ,  Eastbourne 

Neil King    02.06.1962 - 23.02.2016

Thank you to everyone who gave Neil the opportunity to do the job he loved so much.

It was Neil's wish that this website be left as a resource for people who might benefit from some topics posted here on the site.


Welcome to Springerman!

I am a Sussex based dog behaviourist and dog trainer offering advice and instruction  for behavioural
problems, gundog work and dog training for your puppies  and dogs. harry

How can I help you?  If you've found your way here perhaps you are looking for help with a behavioural problem or maybe you are interested in some training or need some friendly advice about a new dog joining your family.

Over these pages you will find some useful suggestions about overcoming some of the more common problems that can be encountered when you invite a dog to share your home.  If you have more specific needs please feel free to use the 'contact page' to let me know how I can help you.

Although based in Eastbourne I regularly travel further afield to visit clients and to help with all types of unwanted behavioural problems.  As most problems manifest themselves on home territory I always prefer to visit you and to see any problem first hand. 

frankie_camberWhether you are getting a puppy for the first time and want to get off on the right foot or have longer standing issues with your current family dog I am here to help you set up the right understanding and relationship between you and your dog(s).  I have worked with a wide range of breeds, ages and temperaments and take great pride in setting the right balance.  In addition to the consultation sessions, I offer ongoing email and telephone support giving you the confidence to develop.

I cater my training to suit a wide range of behavioural issues and offer very useful help at affordablejet prices; you will see behavioural changes during my  visit.

Please go to the testimonial section to read through a few of the references from clients with whom I have worked, this will give you an indication of what can be achieved.

I do not use or advocate any harsh training techniques but offer sensible, practical and easy to follow
advice and actively encourage all family members to become involved; for dogs with behavioural issues, consistency can play a major part in overcoming them.   

I also offer email and telephone support which can either be planned or on a more informal basis.   As with most things, you will be given lots of advice from well meaning people - use your common sense when considering this advice - if you're not comfortable with it, then don't use it .  Professional advice is available which is both informative and catered to your personal circumstances.

I am committed to working with you so that you can establish a happy and healthy life with your dog.  I have a wide range of knowledge in dealing with behavioural problems for all breeds.

bI am very happy to receive phone calls or enquiries via the contacts page at any time.  Simply call me for an informal chat or to talk through any concerns or worries you might have, I really am here to help you.

I believe in educating from an early age to increase confidence and promote a greater understanding of animals needs.  If your school or club has any educational needs please contact me by telephone, email or through the contacts page.